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Move Shoot Move

NOMAD Star Tracker

Price - $209,50 (Only Tracker) - $389,00 (Complete Kit)




2in1 Sky Tracker

(Not Available)


The origin of the NOMAD Tracker is based on user feedback and our desire to provide the easiest-to-use, most portable, inexpensive star tracker. (Credit:





































Difference between NOMAD and MSM Rotator:

1.    Improved attachment points. The previous manufacturing tolerances were fine for Astro-landscape but deep-sky needs a firmer foundation.

a.    The MSM Rotator, due to its design, required specific weight positioning to keep the ball head secure; this has been completely eliminated.  

b.    The laser now screws into the tracker eliminating any chance of wobble.  

c.     The industry standard quick-release plate on the bottom is secured in 2 places preventing any twisting of the tracker on its mount.  

2.    Improved load capacity.  

a.    The hardware has been built to withstand twice the amount of torque as the MSM Rotator. 

b.    Where the MSM Rotator was only designed for wide-angle Astro-landscape, the NOMAD has been designed with wide-field deep-sky use in mind.  

c.     Availability of an optional counterweight system for more experienced users to go even deeper.

3.    Simplified operation.  By designing and building a device with a narrower focus we were able to make it better while keeping the size down.

a.    One 3-position switch; Northern hemisphere, Southern, or Off.  

b.    In order to improve on our goals of ease of use and portability, the non-tracker function of the MSM Rotator has been left off, greatly simplifying the operation of the new tracker.  

c.     The NOMAD is focused on one function, star tracking.   (NOMAD does not have timelapse mode)


4.    Reduced size and weight.  A foremost feature of our trackers is portability. 

a.    Our users take our trackers with them even when backpacking to some of the most remote areas of the world. 

b.    We worked to make storing and transporting the tracker even easier so you'll always want to have it with you when traveling.

c.     The tracker is called NOMAD for a reason; it is designed to travel with you wherever you go.  


Body Weight: 0.95-pound (430 g) with rechargeable Li-Poly battery

Max Payload: 7.7-pound (3.5kg)

Body Size: 3.5*2.6*2.16 inch  (89*67*55mm) 

Function: Northern Hemisphere Star Tracking, Southern Hemisphere Star Tracking

Material: Anodized Aluminum, CNC machined

Body base connection: V-style dovetail, Compatible with Arca-swiss

* Thank you to for their consultation throughout the design and production process, and for the naming recommendation.

*Please note that NOMAD only does not come with laser adapter or polar scope mount.


Tired of Star Trails and Noise?


Want to expose over 30 seconds? Move Shoot move is the product you are looking for! By rotating your camera against the rotation of the earth with the rotational speed of the earth, it prevents the formation of star trails when shooting long exposures.


Compact and Simple Installation


Polar alignment, which many people have trouble with, is now much simpler. It makes astrophotography a much simpler process by turning your tracking device into polarity. Just set your exposure time and focus. Then you are ready!


Is it compatible with my camera?


  1. As a star tracker, it can support all cameras.

  2. As a timelapse mount, it works directly with Nikon, Canon, and Sony cameras through the hot-shoe port. For Fujifilm, Panasonic, Olympus, Pentax, etc. just connect the intervalometer.
    Click here to buy the intervalometer.

How to Choose the Ideal Gear for Your Astro-Landscape Photography?


Starter Kit: Rotator, Laser Pointer, Ball Head, Laser Bracket

Basic Kit A: Rotator, Polar Scope, Scope illuminator, Scope Bracket

Pro-Kit A: Rotator,  Polar Scope, Scope illuminator, Scope Bracket, Wedge, Head Lamp (Red LED)


Basic Kit B:  Rotator, Laser Pointer, Laser Bracket


Pro-Kit B: Rotator, Laser Pointer, Laser Bracket, Wedge, Head Lamp (Red LED)


Basic Kit C: Rotator, Laser Pointer, Polar Scope, Scope illuminator, Bracket


Complete Kit: Rotator, Polar Scope, Scope illuminator, Laser pointer,  Wedge, Head Lamp(Red LED), Bracket


Phone Kit: Rotator, Phone Mount, Ball Head 


Phone Adv Kit: Rotator, Phone Mount, Wedge


Australia Pro Kit: Rotator, Phone Mount, Polar Scope, Scope illuminator, Scope Bracket, Wedge


 Do I need the laser pointer?

  1. If you are new to astrophotography, we recommend choosing the laser pointer to begin. It's easier to use than the polar alignment for novices. 

  2. If you mainly use a wide-angle lens, then the laser pointer is enough and the most convenient for you.


  • If you are new and have a low budget, buy the Basic kit B to start

  • If you want a ready to shoot Astro kit, buy the Pro kit B. 

  • If you are experienced, you will understand how much you can benefit from the Rotator's portability and it's straight forward design.

Do I need to buy the Polar Scope?

  1. If you use a long lens, then the Polar Scope will provide a more accurate polar alignment.

  2. If you are from Australia, then buy the Polar Scope as it is prohibited in Australia to buy the laser pointer.

  3. If you might travel to Australia, Switzerland, or other locations that do not allow a laser pointer, then you will require a Polar Scope.


  • If you live in Australia or Switzerland, buy Basic Kit A to start

  • If you just want a ready to shoot Astro kit for your DSLR, buy the Pro-Kit A. 

  • The Complete kit is set up to support all the above options and is ready to go for all locations. 


Questions about Shipping


  • Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. We ship to all countries.

  • How long does the shipping take?

Generally 7-20 days.

For US users, it takes 3-5 days from our US warehouses.

For users in Europe, it takes 4-7 days from our EU warehouses

  • Shipping cost?

We offer free shipping for orders above $49 to most countries.

For orders below, standard shipping costs $6.95.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

30-days full refund Warranty.

If you received a defective one, don’t worry, we will resend you a new one immediately. Up until now, the defective rate is less than 1%.

If you do not want to keep it anymore within 30 days, return to us, and you will get a full refund. In this case, you just need to pay the returning shipping fee.

1 Year Quality Warranty

If it malfunctions,  we will exchange it for a new one for you at our expense. 

nomad complete.jpg

Only Tracker

Complete Kit

Can I get a Discount on Move-Shoot-Move Products?

Thanks to our co-founder Okan Bozat being Move-Shoot-Move Brand Ambassador, you can now get a 5% discount on MSM Products.

All you have to do is type in OKAN at the Discount Coupon Section during the Checkout phase. 5% discount will be applied during checkout. Please checkout the screenshots at the right side of this page.

*Stellar Xperiences is not a reseller or supplier of Move Shoot Move.
Okan Bozat, one of our founders, is the brand ambassador of the company. When you buy the product, you buy it directly from MSM company located in China.

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