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We are three astrophotographers with a combined experience 30 years of photography and 20 years of astronomy background, and are well-known in national and international platforms for astrophotography. Astrophotography is one of the rare multi-disciplinary hobbies where art and science merge. Even if you have a knowledge of photography, you will have to deal with a very sharp learning curve in many disciplines such as photography, equipment, basic astronomy, geography, composition. That's why we want to share our knowledge in astrophotography, experience and excitement that we have accumulated over the years.

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Mustafa Aydın

was born in a family with a photography studio that is currently maintained by the third generation. He dealt with many types of photography and eventually started astrophotography, a passion since childhood. Mustafa’s main focus is deep space astrophotography as well as wide field astrophotography.

“I am passionate for the nights spent with friends under the stars, photographs of galaxies or nebulae taken with great effort. This is the best relaxation I've had in my life, nothing is better than a night spent with astrophotographer friends under the stars."

Mustafa has become a well-known and respected astrophotographer in a short period of time with his astrophotography works. His photographs are being published in national and international media channels.

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Okan Bozat

who deals with wide angle astrophotography, was born and raised in Muğla. He received his bachelor's degree in Architecture from Izmir University of Economics and continues his career as an architect. After graduation, his passion for photography drove him on a completely different adventure.

“A very specific memory of my childhood made me head towards the adventure of astrophotography. After a while, I realized that I could not stop myself from thinking about it. Every step that I took drove me even deeper. Astronomy and Astrophotography is an endless passion where the learning curve and the pleasure never ends.”

Thanks to his deep interest in nature, sky and traveling, he went to live in New Zealand for a couple of years, to experience the darkest skies of our planet. In addition to photography, he produces content about astrophotography on his Youtube channel. Okan and Mustafa have started a Youtube Channel named "2 Hemispheres 1 Sky"

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Can İnellioğlu

was born and raised in Izmir, Turkey. After his high school education he went to Germany and got his B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Karlsruhe (TH). During his university studies he was also interested in Photography and Video Production. Hence he decided to combine his passion for Astronomy with Photography and started Astrophotography in 2014 in his hometown Alacati.

“It all started on a summer night in 2014 in a dark Aegean bay that’s south of my home. Away from the artificial "light" of cities, I was seeing the milky way very clearly with the naked eye, while lying on the beach, which had been home to many civilizations for years.As Carl Sagan once said: "When you are in love you want to tell the world about it". I was in love with this experience too and was eager to tell the world. So I decided to start astrophotography and share what I shot. I first started sharing the photos I took on my personal Instagram page. Below them, I was giving simple information about the universe in language that everyone can understand. At that time, the milky way photographs were not as common as they are today. In a short time what I shared attracted the attention of thousands of people. Thanks to this, I met many people with whom I have common interests. Due to the gradually increasing light pollution, it is not possible to see the milky way from the spots that I used to shoot three years ago. It will be very difficult to have such an experience on our planet in the near future."

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