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: 27.03.2021

: Your Home

: Google Meet

: € 99,90

: Middle

: 6 Hours

: Min. 5 - Max. 15

At the end of this course, you can learn to take ready-to-stack milky way aka nightscape photos in the comfort of your home and get noise-reduced photos by stacking your wide angle landscape astrophotographs with Sequator (Windows) & Starry Landscape Stacker (Mac OS) softwares.

With this course, you can master the panels of Sequator and Starry Landscape Stacker software and learn how to stack your wide-angle astrophotographs in RAW format correctly. In this course, you will be able to follow the workflow offered by our instructors, learn how to stack and process with the RAW photos provided by the Stellar Xperiences team. By learning the logic of Lightroom panels in the course, you can reach a level where you can also create your own workflow.

What you will learn

(PC) Introduction of Sequator Panels: In this part of the course, our participants will learn about Sequator panels, their positioning and basic functions.

(Mac) Introduction of Starry Landscape Stacker Panels: In this part of the course, our participants will learn about positioning and functions of Starry Landscape Stacker panels.

Stacking Workflow: You will learn the stacking workflow of Sequator and Starry Landscape Stacker softwares.

Post-Processing: At the final stage of the course, our participants will learn how to post-process the stacked landscape astrophotos.

What you will need

For PC users; Sequator program must be installed on your computer. Click to download.

After the Sequator is downloaded, simply put the file on the desktop. No additional setup process is required.

For Mac users; Starry Landscape Stacker program must be installed on your computer. Click to buy.

To participate in this course, Adobe Lightroom Classic software must be installed on your computer. If you don't already have Adobe Lightroom Classic installed on your computer, you can get a 7-day trial version provided by Adobe 1-2 days before the course by clicking here .

We recommend that you use two screens, if possible, during the course. It can be in the form of a two-screen computer or a computer - a tablet. While following Stellar Xperiences instructors on one screen, you can use Lightroom on the other screen at the same time. If that's not possible, then you can share one screen and use Zoom half and Lightroom halfway.

Online Course Program:
10: 30-11: 30 "Stacking" as a noise reduction technique
11: 30-11: 40 Break
11: 40-12: 15 Q&A
12: 15-13: 30 Lunch Break
13: 30-14: 30 Stacking with Sequator (PC) and Starry Landscape Stacker (Mac)
14: 30-14: 40 Break
14: 40-18: 00 Post-Processing with Adobe Lightroom


How to register

1. Read the Terms and Conditions .
2. Proceed to the payment page by clicking "Book Now".

3. Pay €20 non-refundable deposit.

4. Fill out the application form that we will send you via e-mail.

5. Pay the remaining fee of €79,90 two days before the course date.
(A link will be sent to you via e-mail)

6. Google Meet Link will be sent one day before the course.

If you have any questions please contact us by clicking here.

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